Mollie-FereirraAloha, my name is Mollie. I am born and raised here in the Islands. I completed Massage and Body Therapies training in Eugene, Oregon in 1999.
Although only licensed since then, I have been doing massage on family and friends since before I was ten. I was a gymnast in my younger years, which I feel has given me both a love of muscles, and a personal knowledge of where pain lives. The first time I received massage and realized that I could have less or no pain, I was hooked!
My work is an intuitive blend of
  • Swedish 
  • Myofascial Release,
  • Passive Deep Tissue,
  • Trigger Point Therapy and
  • Accupressure

DSNE-Nov-Young-Living-ProductPhotoBesides my ever-growing experience and continuing education in massage therapy techniques, I am passionate about the use of essential oils, specifically Young Living essential oils, in my home and in my practice.  Please follow my blog and visit my site often, as I share what I live and learn with you.


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